We've been so fortunate to celebrate the wedding of our DREAMS❤️. We'd like to thank Evgenia and the entire team for the work, time and help that we received!!! Thank you for being there with us and making thsi day perfect! We enjoyed every moment of this magical journey, without any stress, panic or fuss in an incredibly tender, sincere and fabulous atmosphere ❤️❤️❤️. Thank you very much !!!
Caterina & Andrei
Please meet Zhenya! She is as awesome as she is! A brief backstory: everyone knows how much I love Italy, my dream was to get married there. But then I realized the obstacles: how hard it is to bring 25 close friends there (you need at least a Schengen visa for this), a marriage concluded in Italy was not recognized in Russia and a lot of the turmoil later to legalize it back at home.
Natasha & Slava

I could write a poem about our wedding preparation and a whole book about Evgenia, our wedding manager. She is a master of her art. Hers is the best wedding agency in Montenegro, and we contacted quite a few! We faced many obstacles due to the Covid but thanks to Zhenya we did not despair, even when the whole world stopped flying. We didn't give up on our plan thanks to the 1,5 years of immense support and faith in us and our wedding day.

Zhenya is a very talented wedding manager, a man-orchestra, jack of all trades and a true professional in her field. Everything was orchestrated out to the smallest detail, till the last moment. Zhenya is very easy-going and fun to work with (I hope we will continue to work together). She does not have a standard set of services, she seemed to be a fairy godmother who can make any wish come true if you ask). Thanks to her our wedding turned out to be a truly beautiful fairy tale in a beautiful country. And this fairy tale is just starting. Thank you so much!


Well, what can I say, friends, while a lot can be said here, perhaps an entire book could be written about our wedding. So many things happened during the preparation.. However our wedding manager deserves a special mention. Zhenya is the person who made our dream come true!

So kind-hearted and open that you subconsciously want to get involved with her and certainly remain good friends forever❤️. Words just can't express our gratitude for everything that has been done for us and our day!

Zhenya is a top professional, a one-woman-show, Edward Scissor-hands of the wedding world and a multidimensional person who is capable of anything and everything! @taruntaeva Zhenya, you are the best, your agency is the best one in Montenegro, and it was definitely my best start in a new married life! Thanks to you and your awesome team for our wonderful amd most important day!

Yulia & Gleb

We got married in Montenegro! ❤️ It was not planned, it was more like an insight! Everything just came together in a single point: the sea, the mountains, the sun, the atmosphere and my Beloved partner! And the Orthodox country! Evgenia faced a challenge of managing everything in less than a week! The ceremony location chosen was simply magical!

The ceremony took place in an open area: on the one hand: the sea, the island of St. Stephen, on the other: the mountains, the sunset ... a feeling of complete reunion with the Universe! The photographer, the make-up artist, the dress seemed to appear as if by a wave of a magic wand!) but naturally all this amgic was created by the “fairy godmother” Evgenia. We owe her all of the memories and can't praise her enough for organizing such a dream event that still feels like a Miracle today.

Niku & Yulia

There's so doubt that we would not have had a real wedding without Zhenya. If we had some ideas about our wedding, it was a very ordinary wedding concept. But with Zhenya's help and assistance it turned out to be a truly magical day and unforgettable experience!

We got married during the pandemic thinking that maybe we could get married when we see our family scattered around the world. When we realized that we would still be able to get together in August 2022, it was already July. I scrolled through several Google pages searching for "Wedding in Montenegro" and saw Zhenya's website. We just had a feeling that it was the right choice! She put her soul and taste into the wedding that became our big day and a lifelong memory...

Words can't describe our gratitude for this magical day! All the guests were delighted, they still constantly message us how they enjoyed the party☺️ We could not even imagine that a wedding could be so wonderful, welcoming and chill at the same time❤️


We would like to thank the entire Wedding Emotion team! Many thanks personally to Evgenia for organizing our family birthday!❤️It was magical! Everything went by so fast we didn't even notice and wish the part lasted longer. Evgenia is a true professional in her field! We managed to schdule the ceremony in several locations and the timing was perfect! Male photographers and videographers have been so handsome???? they followed us all 5 hours of the party and help with our postures and take the best pictures. We are already looking forward to the wedding clip and the photo album! These are most unforgettable emotions that will stay with us forever.

We highly advise Montenegro as the wedding location - it is truly magical❤️

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